Yoga & Spirituality

Matters of Mind Matters a lot:
One of the greatest gifts of India to the world is Yoga and Meditation. Students at Vasishta are trained right from day one in various 'Asanas’. The day begins and ends with prayer and meditation that rejuvenates the minds to turn another fresh leaf.
Developing Integrity among Students:
At Vasishta students are trained to be independent and act with integrity, to develop openmindedness and act boldly to achieve their goals.
Spiritual Talks by eminent persons :
The Guest speakers from Ramakrishna Mission and Ramachandra Mission talk to the students to take them to a different level of thinking and looking at things differently with more pragmatic and practical approach.
Daily Yoga and Pranayama Sessions:
This is a daily activity at Vasishta for all the Children. Children are taught various techniques of Pranayama apart from Yogic exercises.