Very interesting to see the DREAM slowly and fully getting realized. At this rate the complete 
DREAM  of the Promoters will be actualized within five year.	- His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda

				                                                    18th February 1983

A place of beauty to which I hope to visit again. Thank you for your kind hospitality.
				                                                   YAKIMA, WA 98908  USA.

I am extremely happy to visit this institution and spend the time with the inmates of the institution 
and the management having taken up such an  excellent project of grooming and educating the  future citizens 
of our country. 				                               
                                                                    Sri Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah
                                                                  Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, Govt of India, New Delhi.

A well organized and disciplined  institution. It has a great future. One is always happy to spend 
some time here. I would like to visit the campus again after a couple of years.

                                                                          Sri M. Srinivas Rao
                 			                                         District Judge, Chittoor.
One of the very good schools situated almost picturesque surroundings,  ideal for the healthy growth 
of students. I wish the school very best of luck and I am confident that this school will grow fast.  	
                                                                            P.T. Kasturi
		 		                                      Rotary District 319, Bangalore.

Very happy to visit “Vasishta” at Vidyanagar, Madanapalli started by our community people. It is really
 worth to see such an Institution that  has got its own identity. Such institution will be helpful to 
 Student Community to build up their own personality and character to become an ideal citizen in the 
 future. We wish the institution to grow bigger and bigger and be a model to the other institutions. 
				                                                   Mrs. Nimala Nanda Kumar.
		                                                P.N.S Trust, General Secretary, Akhila Bharata Arya Vysya Mahila Mahaatha
The school is surrounded by beautiful nature, cheerful children and dedicated teachers.
 I can feel the dedication and vision of founders. Excellent beginning.
				                                                    Prafull J. Tolia M.A, M.Ed
			                                                       Ex-teacher Rishi Valley  School.