Student Evaluation System

Vasishta follows the system of 'continuous' and multi mode evaluation. While the system of continuous evaluation tests the 'Knowledge' of a student and ensures his / her constant academic preparedness. The 'Multi mode evaluation system' tests the skills and competencies of student and portrays his / her areas of aptitudes, personality, strengths and weakness etc.,
Oral and written tests are conducted on completion of every topic / chapter.
An examination is held at the end of each term to evaluate the retention capacity of the student and reinforce what has already been learnt during the term. There are two such examinations – one during the month of September/ October and the other during the month of March.

The Salient Features are :

The preparedness of the student and the teacher is optimal as there is no scope for guessing questions. The examination papers do not offer choice between topics / questions. The student is therefore not tempted do omit any portion of the syllabus for study and shall be thorough with the text books.
Papers are Valued Strictly to cover grammatical and spelling mistakes in all subjects. Academic coordinators scrutinize the valued answer scripts of students, to ensure that marks are not awarded liberally.
 Classes IX and X have Weekly Tests to enable student tackle questions / problems with varying difficulty levels and those that require analysis. The exercises and test papers are drawn from various external sources to prepare the students for board exams and other competitive exams.
All children are gifted with different abilities, all off which cannot be tested through a written examination at the end of the year. Internal Assessment is aimed to appraise students’ knowledge, skills, initiative, diligence, attitudes and hands on experience etc…
Laboratory practicals and field works in the subject related to Natural Sciences and projects, seminars and workshops, are evaluated on chapter-wise basis. Such evaluation forms part of the internal assessment of each student – done by the respective subject teacher.
Observations on class room learning, group discussions, response to questions, etc are recorded by the teachers – as a part of Qualitative Assessment. Creative abilities and originality of the student are evaluated from the assignments and projects done during the regular class hours/ vacations.


An Elaborate Evaluation Report for each student is available to the parent at the end of each term – in October/November and April. The report reflects the 'Scores Achieved' in internal qualitative assessment and external quantitative assessment of written tests and examinations. Observations made by teachers on students’ participation during classrooms transactions – are also recorded in the anecdotal records.
 Students with Learning Difficulties are identified by teachers / administrators and referred to a qualified Counselor with the consent of the parent. Regular counseling are organized usually over the weekends to enable the students to overcome specific learning difficulties.