Social Activities & Objectives

Vasishta refines the students by imbibing empathy training through self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, along with apt etiquette and essential life skills. It inculcates inter-personal skills to foster mutual co-operation, respect for authority, loyalty towards family, friends and fellow citizens with a sense of responsibility that makes them sensitive towards the society and the environment.
Crisis management and disaster management are the demands of the present day. To meet these demands, it promotes self-reliance, diligence, creativity and resourcefulness to appreciate the cultural diversity and adapt himself/herself to live in harmony.
1. Service to the blind Amrutha Nethra
2. Donation to Preethi Madanapalle town suffering from Lever Cirrhosis
3. Donation to fund & books to Kuraparthi Orphans

Dear Parent,

As you must be aware of a girl called PREETI in our town suffering from a liver disease and needs a liver transplant. She is one of our old students sister so we thought all of us would come forward with generous donations to help the family as they are financially not well off . This is also to make the children aware of the help they are extending in the form of charity. Kindly send your donations to the class teacher