Physical Activities & Objectives

Vasishta strives hard to enhance the physical well being of the students and makes them physically fit, strong, healthy and dexterous.
  Vasishta prepares them for growth and survival in a competitive world. They will become agile and efficient through the training provided to them.
The basic mental abilities of cognition, concentration, comprehension, recollection, reflection and reflex action would be finely-tuned in this process.

Games and Sports    Athletic Runs   Throws    Jumps    Cricket   
Foot Ball    Basket ball    Shuttle    Badminton
Volley Ball    Kho Kho   Chess   Tennicoit    Caroms    Kabbadi   
Table Tennis    Inter-School Competitions    Sports Meet  
 Adventure and Physical Training
Pranayama   Yoga   Cross Country Runs   Skipping  
Martial Arts    Nature Walks   March Past   
Jogging    Fitness Exercises