Message From Trustees




Character is the sum total of what man is – the result of the qualities, habits and deeds, as expressed in his thought and action. The forces that build character is heredity, environment and habits. Man is valued by the world in the light of this character. Good character wins the respect, trust and confidence of mankind. Character is the pass port to fame and morality. The man of character lives in the memory of fellow men and in the pages of history. Hence build good environment, good habits and good character in all walks of your life.



Madanapalle is renowned for its educational legacy and institutions like Besant Theosophical College and Rishi Valley has produced many outstanding personalities to our Nation and Overseas. Our school VASISHTA, Science 28 years has moulded so many such persons, who are placed in various fields, proving themselves successfully. We, as VASISHTA team brought Madanapalle Town into the EDUCATIONAL MAP OF INDIA. Way back in 1981 Swamy Chinmayanandaji had laid a tiny seed of Vasishta with all his Blessings and today it has developed into its present stage. It is my sincere duty to attribute the development to my Co-Promoters for their never ending support in bringing this institution to its present position



It gives me immense pleasure to wish you all on the occasion of 28th Annual Day Celebrations of our Vasishta School. I always appreciate from the core of my Heart the zeal and enthusiasm exhibited by our teachers and students, in all curricular and extracurricular activities. The aim of the school is to develop the best that is latent in children and to prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through encouragement of self discipline, the high intellectual achievements and Physical Fitness. Though our beginning was humble, we were able to reach the present successful status, mainly due to high standards. we have been imparting academic excellence and value based education. It is our endeavour to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience. Besides we take, care and concern to help the holistic development of the child in improving the vision. We ensure that each child takes up a quantum of learning at least that could last beyond schooling. I take care that the students are educated in a way that permits them to grow up without inhibition and prejudice in any form. The world around is vast, diverse and multi-faceted which requires a blend in the personality of the child that could last beyond in the personality of the child that integrates proper nourishment for the body, the soul and the spirit. I Pray the Almighty to shower his choicest blessings to all dear students and staff in achieving newer heights in the field of education, which ultimately leads to a meaningful service to the society and to the nation.



It gives me immense pleasure to wish you all on the august occasion of ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATIONS of our Vasishta (ICSE) School. The Twenty eight Annual Day of VASISHTA SCHOOL is yet another auspicious one, added to the annals of VASISHTA. This Occasion is the time to look back, take stock of the events of the year, assess our performance and evaluate the degree of success we have achieved in the field of academics. The desire of the Management, staff of VASISHTA is that all around development of students is what is needed to the country in general and to the parents in particular. It is our ardent aspiration to serve the cause of education with dedication, by helping the students who join in our institution to acquire sound knowledge and good education. From the core of my heart, I fully endorse and appreciate the zeal and commitment of enterprising principal and entire teaching facility. It is pertinent in this connection to refer to the golden words of great poet and patriot of India, Dr.Ravindranath Tagore that a light that kindles another light should burn by itself first. A teacher who is an eternal learner first, can only impart and inculcate the essence of true knowledge to his students. Wishing the entire staff and management a great success in all their endeavors in making this institute a great one.



“Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend,” said Polonius to his son Laertes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. That was a different age and those were different people, but the advice is as relevant today as it was then. What I’d like to add to these wise words are: *Follow your heart. Do what you feel is right. And whatever you do, see that it’s of maximum benefit to the most number of people. “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” Be Bold, Be Brave. Arise, Awake, and Stop not till the Goal is Reached.



A School is a temple of learning. It is very much true in the case of Vasishta School named after that incomparable sage. The sprawling campus is a great contributing factor in extending the horizons of the intellect of the students. It enhances one’s imagination and creates great visionaries. Institutions like Shantiniketan have much to do with their flora and fauna. The sprawling campus of Vasishta School is modeled on such glorious institutions. Education is penance requiring perseverance: which depends much on the efforts of dedicated teachers and eminent staff. I am sure , good capable citizens are created in our campus.