Mentoring the Leader

To create Mentors among the Educators an attempt is made as, mentoring is an essential leadership skill. In addition to managing and motivating people, it's also important that, if you help others learn, grow and become more effective that is an extra mile you have travelled.
To do this through a mentoring partnership, organization identifies a person and entrusts this professional task.
Mentoring can be a rewarding experience for any educator , both personally and professionally. He /She can improve one’s leadership and communication skills, learn new perspectives and ways of thinking, advance his /her career, and gain a great sense of personal satisfaction.
Is Mentoring Right for You?
It sounds like a great idea provided Even if you understand the benefits of mentoring. To explore the reasons for mentoring and whether you want to take this type of commitment further, ask yourself these questions:
  Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with others? * Do you enjoy encouraging and motivating others?
   Are you comfortable asking challenging questions? * How will mentoring contribute toward your own career goals?
   How will mentoring add to your sense of contribution and community? * What type of person do you ideally want to mentor?
  In what areas are you willing to help? Are there any areas that you don't want to go near?
  Clarify your reasons and motivations for becoming a mentor. When you meet a prospective mentee, this will help you assess your compatibility. Each of the willing educator will be taking up the responsibility of the prospective mentee and will go ahead working along.
Frequency of contact – How much time can you commit to this relationship?
Can you "meet" weekly? Biweekly? Once a month? * How long can you spend in each meeting? Half an hour? An hour? More?
  Do you want to be available between "formal" sessions?
Method of contact – Would you prefer face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or emails?
Duration of partnership – Do you want to limit the length of the mentoring partnership? Do you want to set regular intervals to review whether you're both happy with the relationship, or do you just want to informally review progress on an ongoing basis?
Skills, knowledge, and experience – What specific expertise can you offer to a mentee?
Confidentiality – How will you approach confidential business information? Think of ways to speak about general concepts and situations while maintaining confidentiality.
 In the journey of the mentor and mentee, the growth of mentee depicts the efforts of the mentor.
Monthly once the review meeting will be held with an agenda to know about the detailed information about the mentee’s progress.
The Best Mentor and the Mentee will be announced once in 3 months.