Department of Languages


Language is essential in every aspect of our daily life. It marks communication effectively. Knowledge of language empowers one's character, confidence, presentation and creativity. Vasishta believes that the skill of communication is very important for every student. If one has to be an effective leader and a social reformer , he/she needs good communication skills. Language is taught with all care and concern to ensure that all students have the maximum benefits. Well trained faculty provides a sound platform for a strong understanding of the subject. Language Skills ie.. Listening, Speaking , Reading , and Writing are given top Priority.
   A Proverb/ an adage/ quotes   Jam (Just a Minute)    Debates   Elocution
  Seminars    Creative Writing   Quiz    PPTs    Live Observation
   Presentation    Reading and Recitation Skills   News Paper in Education The Hindu/ Deccan Chroncle
   Role Plays and Simulation Activities
   Development of competencies i.e., Listening and Speaking Skills using CD Player.
Languages offered under second and third languages : Telugu / Kannada / Hindi