Intellectual Activities & Objectives

Vasishta trains the students to go beyond the text books. The spirit of enquiry scientific tempered and create critical thinking skills enable them to analyze the how and why of occurrences. They will be able to correlate facts, integrate information, synthesize knowledge, skills and values into applications, filter them by a sagacious judgment. It provides them opportunities to find solutions for the problems through there intuitive insights. This technique enables them to effectively communicate solutions for many problems in their real lives.
Activities important 21st Century Skills
Intellectual Exercises - Life Skills Education Demos & Observations
Classroom Discussions - Memorization Techniques Brain storming sessions
Role plays - Reading and recitation skills- seminars -Symposiums
Newspaper in Education - Multimedia Learning Classroom presentations
Computer-aided Classes- Projects and Surveys- Workshops
Aptitude and Achievement Tests - Institutional Visits- Field Studies -Case studies
Creative and Communication Skills
Debates - Dramatization and Theatre in Classroom -Mock conferences
Interactive Sessions with Experts-Spelling Bee and Word-building Games
Laboratory Practicum -Film reviews - Science Fairs
Creation of Working Models and Scientific Exhibits Creative Writing
School Magazine and News Letters