Educational Tour

Nature Walks:
Vasishta organizes Nature walks and cross country jogging around the year to enable children to enjoy nature. Campfires, moonlight dinners and film shows on weekends create bonhomie feeling.

Picnics for Students:
Vasishta organizes picnics for students. The school takes the students to nearby farms and hillocks. The students are entertained with fun games, treasure hunt and delicious food etc.

Field Trips for Research and Projects:
At Vasishta, young learners are always encouraged to go beyond textbooks and the walls of classrooms. Vasishtians often visit various industrial units, places of environmental & spiritual importance, schools for special children, historical monuments and museums for their deeper understanding. After coming back home, children get enough support from teachers to go into the details of the project, with their own inputs during their first hand experiences.

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