Curriculum Objectives

Vasishta aims to develop all the faculties to mould a child into a good and meaningful human being...
This involves:
  Physical Fitness
  Intellectual Capability
  Artistic Skills
  Social Responsibility
  Spiritual Awareness

“The winners of the 21st century, will be those who can transform themselves as per the changes without sacrificing the universal values in different cultural diversities. Vasishta’s curriculum revolves around the concept ‘Integrating Hands, Head and Heart’
A unique child-centered curriculum offers a wide range of activities that discovers an individual’s talents and moods, especially a genius out of every child! Vasishta is a confluence of Scientific Knowledge and Spirituality that prepares an individual not only for a Living but also for Life! “If a child lives with recognition, it learns to have a goal. If a child lives with encouragement, it grows up into a confident person. “ Vasishta therefore does not measure Intelligence Quotient (IQ) with numerical and linguistic abilities, but the emotional quotient (EQ) .