Culture of Vasishta

Organizational Culture refers to the Institutionalization of a group of individuals living and working together with similar objectives for a common cause and a goal. Culture has a “shared meaning” that produces common understanding amongst its members and also distinguishes an organization. Vasishta is an organization built on the pristine Indian Culture and Ethos. It also believes that every individual is truly a world citizen and part of the Global Human Fraternity-based on the pure ideology: “VasudhaivaKutumbakam”- “Universal brotherhood”. To groom the child as an Eco-friendly global citizen is our only cultural mission.

Vasishta emphasizes on inculcating the attitudes like :
   Reverence to parents, teachers, elders & Almighty (Identifying God in Nature).
  Respect towards all religions.
  Trust and co-operation among peers.
  Loyalty towards the Mother land and service to Society.
  Faith in one’s conscience and spiritual outlook towards life.