Code of Conduct

Vasishta is not just a school , but a way of life.... instrumental in preparing the children to be negotiator of change for social transformation. Any parent desirous of admitting his/her child to Vasishta should constantly bear in mind that the school implements a programed agenda for her students and will not at any point of time in the academic year. Parents need to sign an undertaking to this effect in the school registration form before the grant of admission and once the child is admitted to Vasishta , the decision of the school authorities is the final and binding by all matters concerning school curriculum , student punctuality and discipline on campus.
For Students:
1. The school management takes all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the pupils on the campus. At the same time, the school authorities are not responsible for any untoward incident caused due to the negligence of the child factors beyond any body's control.
2. The school discourages inappropriate interaction between girls and boys on the campus, outside the classroom. The interaction is limited strictly to curriculum transactions in class room and official school programmes and activities such as student club activities etc. The school has a system of constant vigil over the student from as early as 5.30 am to 10.30 pm, till all the students go back to their dormitories.
3.No money should be given to the child by the parents at any time during his/her stay in the hostel. The school is not accountable for any actions of the student due to the possessions of such monies. Any money if absolutely necessary for the students, should be paid at the school office as extra pocket money and valid receipt should be obtained for the same from the school accountant. Such monies will be debited to the students pocket money account.
4. Expensive items such as cameras, video games, tape records, CD players, I pods, mobile are not given to the child as personal belongings. This includes costly watches and gold ornaments. Mobile phones, visual i-pods, i-pad are strictly prohibited.
The school is not accountable to the parents for any misuse of these gadgets . The students in the hostel and are not responsible for the safety or loss of any such electronic goods. It is advisable to students do not possess them, as they are distractions in all respects.
5.  No eatables should be given to the students to be kept in the dormitory cupboard. If the house matrons find any eatables with the students, other than those sold in the tuck shop, she would confiscate the same and distribute them to all the students. During parent visits, no leftover food/fruits should be sneaked in to the dormitories by the students.
7. If any school property is destroyed by a student, willfully or accidentally, the cost there o0f will be deducted from the students caution deposit amount.
8. The principal of the school reserves the absolute right to terminate the admission / continuation of student on the school campus, if his / her behavior of found to be detrimental to the physical, emotional or harmonious well – being of other students on the campus.
9. Even while the school maintains a strict vigil over all the students, Vasishta does not maintain a prison – like security on the campus. In spite of attendance in every period and an identification parade at the end of the day, the school does not take accountability for students who willfully run away from the campus. Parents should inform the school authorities on any previous history, in case of a problem child and as ensure that money should be in possession of the child.