CAmpus Rules

  Note Books for I to X are supplied by ITC manufactured books or equivalent of that quality.
  All the students should communicate only in English
   Boarders may receive calls from parents or guardians only on Saturday night and Sundays.
  Wanton damage/breakage of school property, disfiguring of walls and indecent language or behaviour incur penalty.
  Any student found to have taken other students belongings will face suspension.
  Students must be clean and tidy.
  Students are responsible for their belongings.
  Students suffering from contagious disease will not be permitted to attend school.
   Undesirable behaviour is strictly prohibited in the campus.
   Committing malpractice during examination leads to suspension from the School.
   The students must be present on the re-opening and closing days of both the terms.
  Organizing or attending meetings inside the campus for collecting funds for any purpose without a written permission from the Principal is forbidden.
   The Principal should be contacted directly for permissions and requests.
  Oily/non-vegetarian food is not allowed into the campus.
   Students are forbidden to contact outsiders without the permission
   No student is allowed to go home except during the approved holidays.
  Visits by unauthorized person are not allowed.
   Parents are allowed to visit their children once in a month i.e. on the first Sunday.
   Every student must take part in the school games unless medically unfit.
   Students are advised not to keep any money or gold ornaments and any electronic gadgets.
  The School reserves the right to modify or change, from time to time, the terms and conditions mentioned in the prospectus without any prior notice.