Democracy is based on faith in the dignity and worth of every single individual as a human being. The object of a democratic education is, therefore, the all-round development of every individual’s personality.. i.e. an education to initiate the students into the many-sided art of living in a community. It is obvious, however, that an individual cannot live and develop alone. No education is worth the name which does not inculcate the qualities necessary for living graciously, harmoniously and efficiently with one’s fellow men. (Secondary Education Commission, 1952 - 53, p. 20)
  “Curriculum has to provide learning experiences which help describe an individual's thoughts, feelings and actions. Multiple intelligences- as opposed to the traditional concept of intelligence, views every individual as a uniqueness the various ways in which learning takes place. An idea like this, which does not hold intelligence as unitary concept but as a multiple attribute, promotes personalization of education by connecting learner's total life to the learning in the classroom.”